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Momentum Pilates Studio is a fully equipped, classical, boutique Pilates studio offering mat classes, private sessions and duet sessions.

MPS’s mission is to improve the lives of people of all ages, health and fitness levels by bringing classical Pilates to the Charlottesville community.

Whether you want improved performance in your sport, a compliment to your existing workout or are recovering from an injury, Momentum can help you achieve your goals.
Joseph H. Pilates spent a lifetime perfecting his method. Come see what nine decades of tradition can do for you!

Momentum is now offering Barre Momentum classes in addition to Pilates and Yoga.
See our class schedule and descriptions for more info and to find a class!

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NOTE: If you are new to Momentum you will need to fill out a Client Information form prior to your first session or class.  Forms are available in the studio or print off a copy here and have it ready
when you come to the studio.


Momentum Pilates Studio • 2216 Ivy Road Suite 206 • Charlottesville, Va. 22903 • 434.293.2635